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Meet our DJ's
Flip & Kandy

With a minimum of 17 years experience,our DJ's have performed at all type of events.
Rest assured, they will know just the right type of music to get your guests on the dancefloor!

DJ Biographies

"The Joy of being a DJ, is getting to watch people dance & have a wonderful time with you!
Music is our life!!" - DJ Kandy

"From North to South she's rocked every event she has attended.
Believe the saying "Dynamite comes in small packages"
because this little lady will blow you away."
-S. Belcher (Triad Entertainment)

Kandy has always had a love for music and dancing.
Her husband Flip C. introduced her to the wonderful world of DJ'ing,
and she quickly became one of the first female DJ's in the south.

On Feb 7th, 1998 "DJ Miss K" debuted at her first live event.
That night changed her.
She loved watching the crowd dance and have a great time as she played.
She was hooked!!

Kandy has been lucky enough to play with some of the best top regional & national DJ's.
She herself has rocked events throughout the US.
From Florida all the way to Las Vegas, she has headlined top clubs including:
Club Lavela in Panama City, The Masquerade in both Ybor City/Tampa Florida and Atlanta Ga,
Sloss Furnace in Birmingham AL, The Cannery in Nashville,
Nike Pavilion & SciTrek in Atlanta Ga, and many more.

In 2008 Kandy DJ'd her friends wedding and just fell in love with the sweetness of the day.
To her it was like "Watching the happy endings on the girly movies".
"It is a wonderful feeling to see all generations on the dance floor,
dancing and having a great time together" ...
and this began a new chapter to her DJ'ing career.

Now you can find Kandy DJ'ing all type of events.
She loves her DJ career and is so thankful for all of the wonderful people that
she has met along the way.

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